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Two strategy games on Kickstarter worth considering

Death Inc. is a real time strategy game by former Media Molecule (Little Big Planet) guys. Unlike every other PC RTS, there’s no click and drag to select, right click to move system. Instead the player uses mouse gestures to “paint” paths for units on the map.

At the Gates is a turn based strategy from Jon Shafer, the designer of Civilization 5. In his Civ 5 postmortem Shafer explains what went wrong in his Civ 5 design and how At the Gates will be different. It’s a smaller, more focused game than Civilization, but there are some interesting new systems. The map’s art and utility change as seasons and years pass. Units need a supply chain to back them up. You can’t leave your army on an arctic island for a thousand years like in Civ.

I’ve recently backed three new strategy games on Kickstarter (these two and Planetary Annihilation). These are good times for what was a stagnant genre.